About Me

Courtesy of Oliphant Photography

Originally from Chicago, DJ Ayita has always been passionate about music and is a bonafide “House Head!” 

She developed a love for entertaining audiences at an early age, performing the smooth keys of the piano during classical recitals and percussions with a live band throughout the city.  While she was too young to hit the House clubs that would become the foundation of the genre, music became a part of her soul.  

Seven years after graduating with a degree in Marketing from Northern Illinois University, she landed in Las Vegas.  Despite some early success in Corporate America and Event Management roles, she felt something was missing.

Instead of just dancing to the hypnotic house beats she loved so much, she bought a set of CDJs and got busy. She learned how to spin from internationally acclaimed DJs, fully immersed herself in refining her craft, and eventually earned an invitation to perform with her mentors at one of the top rated lounges in Las Vegas, the Downtown Cocktail Room.

Working by day and honing her DJ skills by night, Ayita finally broke out on her own in 2016. 

The smooth sounds of R&B, the driving bass and the groove of funk and disco, the soulfulness of HOUSE, the wailing guitar in Rock or the feel good vibes of Pop can all be heard when she djs at various private and public venues. She is also the founder of Engage … A business networking enterprise infused with House Vibes. 

A true believer that music heals the soul and helps create truly unforgettable memories, DJ Ayita is available to provide the rhythmic ambiance for private parties, corporate and social events.  

Genres: House, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock and old school Hip Hop